WANTED: The World’s Coolest Intern (to join the hottest mobile banking team)

Well, this is maybe of the most common questions for people studying at the university, they want to learn and have "real life" work (sounds tricky) , instead they want "real work experiences" (even sometimes they only want to go out, learn from other culture, complement their language and some other meet the love of their lives (this is maybe the biggest indicator nowadays), but okey, where you can start your search, planning, preparation and traveling?

The first question you should ask is: Where im located?

So, if you are living in US, UK and the rest of Europe this isn't a post for you...
Because you have a lot of options and opportunities, ranging for summer schools at your partner universities to specialized sites such as: internship finder , fastweb, Vault, nextstudent .

And if you are completely lost, the answer is at your fingertips, use Google and you will find amazing opportunities to have an experience at IBM, Genetech or BP!

But instead, if you live in the rest of the world, these opportunities are difficult to reach and find, thats the reason why i posting this to give you some advice on how to get your goal achieved.

But theres an undeniable truth out there, the experts and consultants wants to hide( obviously they will loose money), you are LAZY!

What! This "so called blogger" is insulting me!

If you get tired to search after the 5th page at Google and if you got unprepared to a career fair you are one!

My friends are located literally in all the world (except Mongolia, i heard Ulan Bator has great internet connection, but since Genghis Khan and the travel of a venture capitalist its a shadow in my memory)...

They said to me:
-Saludos du Sao Paulo (Brazil)
-Im programming at the beach (Mauritania)
-The tyfon almost got me, but im safe at my hotel (Phillipines)
-Mon coeur est brisé ( France), shes having some problems with his english ex-boyfriend cause she found he is gay, validating a recent survey showing 87% of men young british have kissed a man (find the study here)

Getting back into the #intern , #internship process...

But they are there, cause they break the 90% barrier of internet user lazyness...

And they use the "Organizational networking strategy", What's that?

Find an international organization such as CISV, Iaeste, Rotary club or AIESEC.

I recommend the last one, cause I'm an Alumni from Aiesec(site) at Universidad Javeriana in Colombia and our focus was to work with university students and help them to have an internship (from 3 to 12 months of duration) in many places of the earth; we send more than 100 people, 30% of friends!

Just join the organization, develop your potential and travel abroad!

The second strategy is what I call "is there, Apply".

Did you know a lot of scholarships are lost because the people dont apply, as an expert said:
"For some of our specific awards we do struggle to encourage enough applications," she says. "Our Seiji Masuda Endowed Scholarship, for example, seeks qualified students from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia and Brunei but we have great difficulty reaching out to students from this area. All grad students have to do is mark `yes' to the question `Do you want to be considered for a scholarship?"

So, I was reading an article at Techcrunch and found this amazing competition being held in one of the fastest growing economy of the world, and is not part of the BRIC as you may thought,is Singapore!

His IT & BPO industry is having global impact and the complement of great educatinal institutions such as NSU and Nanyang Technological University.

I want to be the "Worlds coolest intern" because of the mixture of the characteristics I have developed though years, leadering process in young organizations, volunteering at international institutions(IEEE, Atlas Corps Services) and now intensive and extensive research in social media and serious games with Universidad Incca, Universidad Javeriana and as consultant and trainer at enREDo.

I have worked with people from nations of all the continents, both presencial and virtually and I'm ready to boost the Chartered bank social media and learn a lot from the experts and shared with everyone how to apply in a practical way the great theories we heard daily.

You can see some of my pictures showing my diversification for maintain a motivating environment.

And remember to visit the site, and always be checking for similar contest as this contest having a lot of experiences, technology and media...http://breeze.standardchartered.com/blog

So, share the article, comment and tweet it.

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